HDA Conseil in a few words

HDA CONSEIL was created early 2013. It aims at supporting companies in their international development. Henri d'Ambrières has the expertise and 30 years in Structured Finance (Export Finance, Trade Finance, Project Finance etc.) to share with his clients.

> The services delivered by HDA Conseil are first related to the financing of international trade and the financing of international projects. They also include positions of Member of a Board or expertise in arbitration processes.
HDA Conseil offers its services to Corporates but also to Financial Institutions, Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and Business Organizations.

> From 1984 to 2002, Henri d'Ambrières held several positions at Credit Lyonnais, in Paris and in Madrid.
From 2002 to 2012, Henri d'Ambrières was the Global Head of Export & Multilateral Finance at Credit Lyonnais and then at Calyon / Credit Agricole CIB (CA-CIB). From 2008, he was also in charge of the commercial activities of the bank in Trade Finance. The companies with which he was dealing were Corporates, Exporters or Importers, Export Credit Agencies and linked institutions, Development Banks (IFC1, EBRD2, inter alia) .

> Henri d'Ambrières' experience led him to be appointed as a Member of the 1st Clients' Committee of Coface State Guarantees (2004-2006).
In 2008, he became the first Chair of the Export Credit Working Group of the European Banking Federation (EBF). He is also involved in the activities of the Banking Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

> Henri d'Ambrières is involved, on a regular basis, as moderator or speaker, in conferences dealing with Export Finance and related issues (inter alia, Basel III and refinancing of commercial banks).

> He also served as a Board Member of several Companies (e.g. Systra, Odas, Inmobiliaria Colonial) after 2005. He has been a Board Member of Genoyer since 2015. He graduated from the IDP (Independent Director Program) of INSEAD in 2014.

1 International Finance Company
2 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Services for Corporates

  • International Development
  • Relations with Export Credits Agencies and
    Development Banks
  • Presentation of tools used in the Financing of International Trade
  • Search for adequate financing solutions
    for specific projects

  • Follow-up of specific projects

Services for the Financial Sector

  • Advisory Services for International Trade activities
  • Assistance in the preparation and the management
    of some large projects
  • Assistance in the management of some difficult files
  • Funding solutions for Export Credits

Services for ECAs and
Business Organizations

  • Benchmarking, products, processes etc.
  • Development of new products to support exporters
    more effectively
  • Development of new funding solutions to ease the refinancing of export credits