• Interim Manager - Replacement of the Head of Sales Financing of a large French Exporter (Turn-over € 1.6 bn)
  • Expert in Export Credits in Arbitration Cases at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Report for US Exim on the ECA Competitiveness and the role of commercial banks in relation with the implementation of Basel III
  • Board Member of Inmobiliaria Colonial and then Genoyer International
  • ICC Banking Commission - Trade Finance Register - Regular contribution since 2013 to the section dedicated to Export Credits
  • Moderator or panelist in conferences dealing with International Trade and its financing
  • Creation of a Department in charge of Small Export Credits at Bpifrance Financement(2014-15)
  • Contributions to Trade Finance projects for the EIB (2014-2015)
  • Report on the financing of commercial ships for the OECD (2016)
  • Support to Bpifrance for the transfer of the French ECA from Coface to Bpifrance Assurance Export (2016)
  • Support to Razel-Bec for the financing of international projects (since 2015)
  • Support to banks willing to develop a business with Bpifrance Assurance Export (or an other ECA)
  • Courses on Export Finance for Corporates and for Banks

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Services for Corporates

  • International Development
  • Relations with Export Credits Agencies and
    Development Banks
  • Presentation of tools used in the Financing of International Trade
  • Search for adequate financing solutions
    for specific projects

  • Follow-up of specific projects

Services for the Financial Sector

  • Advisory Services for International Trade activities
  • Assistance in the preparation and the management
    of some large projects
  • Assistance in the management of some difficult files
  • Funding solutions for Export Credits

Services for ECAs and
Business Organizations

  • Benchmarking, products, processes etc.
  • Development of new products to support exporters
    more effectively
  • Development of new funding solutions to ease the refinancing of export credits